This privacy policy outlines the way in which Allstyle Furniture Pty Ltd handles your personal information. This policy complies with the principles of the Privacy Act and makes certain your information is protected in accordance with this Act.

Allstyle Furniture Pty Ltd ensures security and confidentiality of all personal information we hold. We do not record any information for use in any way without your knowledge. No information is directly recorded from your visit to this website unless you send it to us via an email. All information is used for the purpose which you have provided it to Allstyle Furniture Pty Ltd and is never offered to a third party. You have right of access to, and correction of, personal information, provided that adequate notice is given for retrieval. In some situations, law may require us to withhold access to information for you.

If you have a question about our privacy policy and how your personal information is protected please feel free to contact us.

If you require further information about privacy in Australia please visit the Australian Federal Privacy Commissioner’s website at